Have you ever silenced someone’s posts on Instagram but later changed your mind? No problem. Getting their posts back on your feed is simple. There are two easy ways to do it, depending on whether you remember whose posts you muted. Let’s learn how to unmute someone on Instagram.

Method 1: Unmute from Their Profile

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the person’s profile whose posts you want to see again.
  • Tap the Following button below their bio.
  • Look for the Mute section in the menu that pops up.
  • You’ll find options to unmute their posts, stories, or both. Just tap the blue toggle next to what you want to unmute.
How to unmute someone on Instagram
unmute someone on Instagram
Instagram unmute

Method 2: Unmute from Settings

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture at the bottom right.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right to open the menu.
  • Choose Settings from the menu.
  • Go to “Privacy” and then tap Muted Accounts.
  • You’ll see a list of all the accounts you’ve muted and what type of content you muted from them.
  • Tap the profile you want to unmute. It takes you to the profile page.
  • Follow steps 2-4 from Method 1 to unmute their posts, stories, or both.

In conclusion, if you’ve ever muted someone’s posts on Instagram and want to see them again, it’s easy to do so using either of these two methods. However, if you’re looking for a fast and effective way to boost your Instagram following and visibility, Top Follow APK stands out as the best option. With its simple and straightforward approach, you can quickly gain real followers and likes, helping you achieve your Instagram goals with ease. Just remember to use such services cautiously and do your research to ensure trustworthiness.

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